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Wordh Ul Hasan

Software Engineer, bKash Limited

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Educated and motivated software engineer, quick to ramp up with any existing development platform and perform design, coding, debugging and testing application and system software. Excellent interpersonal as well as communication skills and enjoys a high pressure team environment.

Work Experience

Software Engineer - bKash Limited (2019 - Present)

Product Engineering and Designing as well as writing codes and working with Cloud Computing Environments like AWS to come up with the best solutions that can be used by many and solving real problems. bKash is a mobile financial service company with 24 million active users.

Research Interest

Artificial Intelligence, Software Engineering, IOT, Machine Learning, Neural Networks, Distributed Systems, Embedded Systems

Latest Projects

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Wireless Health Monitoring System

In Bangladesh many rural areas have as little as one clinic to help the people. This project aims to help those with chronic diseases that prolong with aging. This approach is made by taking basic determinants such as SPO2, ECG, NIBP & temperatures wirelessly transfer them to an online server. These data can be observed by doctors/caretakers at real time from any location being connected online. The samples of data are acted upon to determine irregularities of the health conditions of the patient in rest which are stored on the server every second. Doctors have access to the server through a web application which enables them to analyses the data. A wireless health monitoring system has been developed to solve this problem, for which an Android and a Web Application was implemented.

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Design and Implementation of an IoT based Monitoring System for Inland Vessels using Multiple Sensors Network

Multi sensor networks are now widely used in various security and surveillance applications. The project includes designing and implementing a wireless sensor network with a real time web application for monitoring multiple ships to prevent catastrophic events due to overloading. The idea consists of four main parts: Detection Module, GPS tracker, communication system (NRF24L01+) and software application for web interface.

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Tourist Spot Recommendation System Using Fuzzy Inference System

A fuzzy logic based recommender system is proposed in this research that uses Fuzzy Inference System (FIS) to recommend tourist spots to travelers. The system keeps a database containing tourist locations and their respective information as well as some specific data which is used as parameters for the inference system. The system prompts user to give their desired location type(s) that they wish to visit, their budget, the number of people going on the trip, and other defined parameters which are used in the inference system. We have decided to limit the compound location type to two for simplicity of the calculation. Besides, a tourist is not normally interested in more than two location types. In addition to that, we will suggest the user some other places of different types around the selected locations which they may wish to visit during their stay . Once the input is taken, the system will fetch corresponding data from the database, fuzzify the metadata and pass it to the fuzzy recommendation engine. The recommendation engine will calculate and assign a crisp value to each location as an output. Then the list is sorted in a descending order and the top locations that satisfy most of the user's defined preferences are recommended to the user.

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IOT Based Question Paper Delivery Box: A Solution towards Preventing Question Paper Leakage in Public Exams of Bangladesh

A possible low cost solution to prevent the question paper leakage in public exams of Bangladesh has been illustrated in this project. A GSM based multi-node security system has been designed for delivering the questions to different centers. However, this system can also server the purpose of delivering other important or confidential deliveries as well. An Arduino Mega has been used to control the hardware devices of the system. IR Proximity Sensor, LDR and Laser Lights have been used to ensure the maximum security of the devises. GSM Module has been used to send notification of any unusual or untimely activities during the delivery period via SMS using mobile network to the particular authority. This system aims to ensure the maximum minimization of question paper leakage during the delivery period to the exam centers.

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Exploring Challenges and Solution Approaches Regarding Wellbeing of Female Rohingya Community in Bangladesh

The contemporary Rohingya crisis has forced more than half a million Rohingya refugees to flee and take shelter in Bangladesh and the worst sufferers of the incident are the women, children, and old aged refugees undoubtedly. They have fled the compunction to protect themselves from going through a long tedious migration to Bangladesh, which also includes pregnant women who have a high risk of giving birth and health safety concerns. These crises get deepened when they have to collect food competing with men, look after their children in the camps, and getting proper sanitation. But until the crisis gets solved permanently, through a qualitative study on around 117 female refugees currently living in the Refugee Camp this paper aims to unfold the mental health condition of the female refugees escaping from Rakhine State. We have proposed a technology solution so that manpower and equipment lacking can be compensated. Our findings are mostly concentrated on designing the mental health solution for the traumatized women who had to encounter their beloved ones being oppressed. We have examined them through the lens of Human–Computer Interaction (HCI) research principle and stepped towards suggesting a technology intervention to enhance their current mental state

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Plant Nursery Automation and Monitoring with IOT

A nursery is basically a place where plants are kept in care and grown till they are in usable size for farming. During this time the plants need perfect condition for better growth and good quality of seeds. In this project we tried to control a closed environment for plant specific nursery using sensors, microcontrollers and automation.

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Bangla Hate Speech Detection using Artificial Neural Network

Cyberbullying has been on the rise as a byproduct of the freedom people get to write on the social networking platform. With the access of internet to mass people in Bangladesh the problems of growing online sexual harassment is demanding immediate attention. An automated text classifier based for identifying abusive texts would be very useful in order to keep social medias clean and safe for different groups of people. This paper takes an approach to build such system and devices an automated abusive text detector on the basis of the principles of Artificial Neural Network (ANN). The research also includes the use of common machine learning approaches like Term Frequency-Inverse Document Frequency (TFIDF) vectorizer and n-grams for the purpose of feature selection.

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Other Projects

  • Smart Fridge an IOT Approach to update fridge inventory
  • Line Maze Solving Robot
  • Line Follwer with PID Controller
  • Online Child Safety In Context of Bangladesh
  • Awards & Scholarships

    • Awarded Best Presenter, 2018 2nd Borneo International Conference on Applied Mathematics and Engineering (BICAME), Balikpapan, Indonesia.
    • Awarded Best Speaker, IEEE Day 2018, Tech Talks
    • 2nd Place Living in the future Challenge- IEEE Region 10 SYWL Congress, Bali, Indonesia, 2018
    • IEEE Region 10 Computer Society Travel Grant Winner for IEEE Region 10 Congress, Bali, Indonesia, 2018
    • Runners Up, Student Branch Activity Presentation, IEEE Region 10 Congress, Bali, Indonesia, 2018
    • Awarded Best (Humanitarian) Student Volunteer- IEEE Bangladesh Section 2017
    • Placed 3rd in 'Low Cost Robot Design Challenge held at North South University organized by the Robotics & Automation Society, IEEE NSU Student Branch
    • Awarded President Scout's Award- Bangladesh Scouts 2009


    Current Position

    • Humanitarian Activity Coordinator, IEEE Young Professionals Affinity Group, Bangladesh Section
    • Student Activity Coordinator, IEEE Robotics & Automaton Society Bangladesh Chapter
    • Country Lead, IEEEXtreme 12.0

    Past Position

    • Chair, IEEE North South University Student Branch,2018
    • Vice Chair, IEEE North South University Student Branch, 2017
    • Event Coordinator, Educational Activities Committee, IEEE Bangladesh Section 2018
    • Content Writer, Student Activities Committee, IEEE Bangladesh Section 2017
    • Graphics Designer, Humanitarian Activities Committee, IEEE Bangladesh Section 2017
    • Ambassador, IEEEXtreme 11.0
    • Ambassador, IEEE Mobile Application Development Competition 2017
    • Graphics Designer, Student Activities Committee, IEEE Bangladesh Section 2016
    • Environmental Secretary, Prothom Alo Bandhushova, 2014
    • Assistant Rover Mate, Samatat Open Scout Group, 2013
    • Senior Patrol Leader, Monipur High School Scout Group, 2011


    Haymontee Khan, Noel Mannan et all, "Tourist Spot Recommendation System Using Fuzzy Inference System" 13th International Conference on Natural Computation, Fuzzy Systems and Knowledge Discovery (ICNC-FSKD 2017), 2017, 978-1-5386-2165

    Hasib Zunair, Wordh Ul Hasan et all, "Design and Implementation of an IOT based Monitoring System for Inland Vessels using Multiple Sensors Network" 2nd International Conference on Smart Sensors and Applications (ICSSA 2018), 2018

    Wordh Ul Hasan, Mohammad Sultan Khaja et all, "Wireless Health Monitoring System" 2nd Borneo International Conference on Applied Mathematics and Engineering (BICAME), 2018, 978-1-5386-7724-7

    My News

    Attending SIGCHI Summer School on Expanding the Horizons of Human-Centered AI from 24th to 27th July, Delhi India

    Speaking at IEEE North South University Industrial Activities Society event Glimps of Present Technology, 12th July 2019